“Secluded Waters”

“Secluded Waters” 11″ x 14″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

This brilliantly colored landscape is a piece that was created during the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Feeling some flexibility with the idea of plein-air painting and the ability to maintain distance, I connected with a couple of fellow artists to see where we could meet.  In that process there was some interest in visiting one of the farms near where I live.  It just so happened that my neighbor farms that sight so I reached out to him to see if it was okay for us to set up.  In that conversation, he suggested another location down the road that you would never know about unless someone told you.  This is the spot we chose.

Driving down though some farm fields in our respective cars we came across a treeline and beautiful creek running just behind.  There was a lovely trail covered with wood chip, lots of birds and sounds of nature, including the trickle of water running through the dam.  We each chose a different perspective and spot along the path to spend a few hours conversing with our individual canvases. It was magical!

What appealed to me in this scene was the water and the light on the field in the distance.  Granted I took many liberties in this interpretation.  Simplifying the landscape by removing some of the trees so that what I saw past them could more earnestly be revealed.  Many of the trees were only beginning to show signs of leaf formation so in some sense even though spring was upon us elements of winter remained very present.   There was a newness within the vista and an aura of openness that I also seemed to tap into as part of this portrayal.  Certainly the colors are reflective of spring and although all the hues were derived from what I saw they have been intensified with an emotional component.

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