“Come Walk with Me”

“Come Walk with Me” 8″ x 10″ Oil on canvas – $300

the poets
crippled words

draw lines

on journeys
brilliant weave
of spirit breaking
panes of glass 

unknown bright places
stars of light

call forward
the nomad warrior
who’s giving up the fight

brisk air and tepid
rain preparing
a new

the streams pebbled

im sorry
no one knew

come walk with me
whispers aside the ear

the prospect of dancing
on magic

is here

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  1. Cathy, you have been busy! Tremendous canvases I am seeing from you! And your poetry is outstanding! The way you express yourself both with brush and words are evidence how tremendously Gifted you are. I love the feel of this painting. It brings a hush over my spirit, as do your words. Wow! Spectacular post!! xo

    • Hi Amy, Thank you so much for your compliment. It feels good when someone connects with what I’m sharing/creating. I’m sure you can relate. All of it comes from such a place of vulnerability and just being open to some “higher” flow. Can’t really explain that because it confounds me. Have a blessed day! Cathy

      • Cathy, you really need more traffic …. more people to see your work. Do you use the reader? Have you ever checked to make sure your posts are being seen in the reader? I believe (NOT SURE) that the highest amount of tags you can use is 16 and if you use more, your post will not be seen in the reader. That means your followers will not be notified when you publish a post. I would love to see your site so busy like mine is. You deserve it!! xo

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