“Grazing by the Barn”

“Grazing by the Barn” 3″ x 3″ – Oil on canvas – SOLD

In the middle of living life and walking through the covid-19 pandemic it’s been important for me to keep painting.  Painting provides a sense of grounding reminding me that all is well in this world.

I’ve been moved to work on a few miniature oil paintings. These small works have a place close to my heart.   I love that I can tuck one into my pocket and feel it’s joy. Besides that these paintings fit almost anywhere! And truly are for me, a good thing that comes in a small package. 

Often these works take as much time and patience as larger pieces. I find myself immersed in the scenes and loving every minute. This 3″x 3″ canvas takes us to a farm in rural New Jersey where a barn was filled with sheep.  It was such a beautiful vista to experience and bringing it into this tiny format was a reminder of that moment in time. 

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