“The Graphic Table”

“The Graphic Table” 20″ x 16″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

prisms of color
glean mosaic remembrances

stories circle in the atmosphere
evading truth

a young mind
ardently grasping to
the vibrant petals

they do exist, she states

wanting to feel
the soft silken complexion
while hoping
to absorb their brilliant chroma

purity mending

now like pages
cast aside
leaves transform
ceasing to fall into the background

a tabled substance rising

a resolute tessellation of color
and graphic spectrum

unbroken below the surface


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  1. THIS is so lovely! I especially like the line leading to the one dipping leaf. Elegant. I am wondering about your process, it appears as if you start with a base colour, then your outlines, and then all of the values. So wonderful, energetic yet peaceful as well. Great work!

  2. Always wonderful to see your work, this piece is no exception. Each element tells a story , vibrant and wistful (like on a Sunday afternoon) and then paired with your writing – well exciting to see together. I really like the direction and technique your work has taken.

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