“Brushstrokes by the Lake”

“Brushstrokes by the Lake” 11″ x 14″ Oil on canvas – $500

In this spontaneous landscape simple strokes of color aim to capture the most basic essence of a lakeside cottage in the town where I live. 

This was an unexpected adventure in my studio space and a vehicle to release some energy I was feeling inside related to grief and loss.  There were few words to describe how I was feeling in detail however the paint strokes with their vibrant color seemed to do the trick.  And although on my interior there was pain what came out was something of a more vibrant nature.

In reflecting back on my youth, art making was an organic therapy of sorts through periods of chaos in my family life.  I’ve never been one to really paint the “dark” side of things. Somewhere deep inside my being there has always been a knowing of beauty, color and wonder. Painting has been a way toward that most important aspect of myself and still is.  For me it speaks to a greater truth that the world at times doesn’t want to acknowledge.

I also experimented with a version in Photoshop using their paintbrush tool. It’s even more primitive in spirit with a whimsical quality I can connect to.

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