“The Bowl”

“The Bowl” 11″ x 14″ Oil on panel – $500

I love bowls of all kinds. This one is a handmade piece and certainly more artful in nature.  Being drawn to the character of imperfection I found this piece delightfully engaging with it’s irregular edges.  It has a feeling of creation in it’s disfigurement.

The still life itself is, in fact, another derivative work created from a larger painting done a while ago.  Zooming into sections of a more expansive piece gives me a chance to explore and experience something different.  As the “known” information becomes more obscured by zooming in an abstraction occurs where shape and color take on increasing importance. 

As much as there is an element of vagueness rendered in some of the shapes marks remain that speak to known objects.  Right now there is a comfort in that realm of depiction and exploration. The relationship between reality in the context of something more obscure and less understood by the naked eye and brain seems to be where I’m resting at the moment in this.

This painting also contains a strong horizontal influence.  I tried to break that up a bit without stepping too far away from the integrity of the section I was working from.  The modification I made helped a bit but the horizontal linear quality remains and I’m settling with that as part of the meaning within this piece.

 I hope to get to the place of obscuring objects while working directly from a traditional still life arrangement.  This is a goal as part of my working process. Right now, this intermediary practice is assisting toward that end and helping me attune to the composition in a new way. 


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