“A September Morning”

“A September Morning” 11 x 14″ Oil on panel – SOLD

Another morning along the canal in Pennsylvania! 

Shaded by the old trees and atmosphere of the past this vista is one I noticed on my last visit as a place to come back to. The cluster of homes and outbuildings had this wonderful sense of “village” that attracted my interest and typified the historical character of the town of Center Bridge long ago.  That aspect, pared with the delicate morning light accenting the facades and vegetation along the water was mesmerizing.

Resting patiently, a single red canoe floated beside the grassy bank separate from the buildings but no less meaningful to the scene in it’s stillness. Wrapped with a presence as part of this quiet “village” I could imagine local travelers making their way down river on a summer morning. 

The waterway stood still and rather colorless to my eye, but offered an opportunity for imagination to step in and explore.  Patiently considering that leading, brushstrokes of varied blue hues made their way onto the canvas weaving delicately with spirited shades of orange marking the reflective qualities of the waterway so integral to the landscape.   

This place feels magical to me and simple in it’s core beauty.  There are some magnificent homes as you walk along this section of the tow path they too have an innate charm to enjoy.                                       



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