“Farnsworth Avenue”

“Farnsworth Avenue” 8″x 10″ Oil on canvas – On exhibit

Back in Bordentown these days and capturing the charm of this historic town before their annual house tour begins on the 21st. 

This colorful spree features a view on Farnsworth Avenue in the downtown area.  There were so many wonderful choices in terms of interesting landscape perspectives but this is the one I came back to.  The buildings architecture and warm yellow color drew my attention. I loved the white trims and strong sense of line.  

As I set myself up across the street I welcomed the unfolding of the morning.  Thankfully, it was relatively quiet morning so I could set up on the sidewalk without too much trouble or concern with inhibiting the flow of any passers by.  There was a lot within the vista to consider which made it a fun challenge.  Some editing was necessary to highlight the parts of most interest to my eye.  Finding those select little details seemed to articulate the rich character of the location.   Several cars came and went inhibiting the view for awhile.  While they often make interesting subjects they were one of the things I chose to leave out in this go round!

Now that the painting is complete, it’s ready to be part of the house tours fundraising event on September 21st.  A display of local artists work will be up at the Old City Hall during the day.  This painting along with a number of paintings of local homes on the tour will be part of the collection.   If you are in New Jersey and near Bordentown come visit and take a stroll through this charming community its a real treasure. 


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