“Farmland Stripes”

“Farmland Stripes” 7″ x 5″ Oil on canvas panel – $75

Magical colors in the landscape exist everywhere. Sometimes it takes time to really see them but then they appear!

This small landscape explores and exaggerates the artistry in farm fields where stripes of color burst from the soil in a beautiful creative way.  Like a fabric the vertical bands in the land drew my attention and interest.  Carried further into the scene by the rich hues in orange and lavender my search began into the amazing architecture planted before me.

As I continued to observe, the broad expansive trees in the background with their abstracted presence became the perfect backdrop to the complexion of textures in the foreground. Guiding my eye around their simple silhouettes the beautiful leaves became pools of geometric color to enjoy.  Soft curvatures in the terrain indicated a sense supple, gentle ground nurturing the growth of something new and exciting waiting to be seen. 

This expressive painting reveals the exciting quality of nature in unison with man and the bounty to be found in that delicate, necessary relationship. 



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