“Duke Farm Estate”

“Duke Farm Estate” 7″ x 5″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

Color never gets boring!

In this small landscape I was drawn to the tudor style architecture and opportunity to work with a fun palette of cool hues which typified the scene for me.   This small painting was created from a reference photograph of mine taken at Duke Farm Estate in Hillsborough, New Jersey. This view is one can experience approaching the main information center at the farm. 

The Duke Estate is an open ground filled with miles of bike trails, many man made lakes and a variety of interesting buildings that I would say are very ecclectic when taken as a whole.  There are parts that remind me of Roman gardens and others that are very contemporary in nature.  The grounds surrounding the building are fairly organic which make for the discovery of many interesting vistas.  The architecture of the buildings would have one expecting a very manicured and formal  landscape but that’s not what exists.  

The estate was established by James Buchanan Duke who founded Duke Power and the American Tobacco Company.  He later left this to his daughter Doris Duke an environmentalist and conservationist who felt the estate should protect wildlife and be use agriculturally.  The estate opened to the public in 2012.  As a child I remember driving by the estate a few times on a Saturday or Sunday with my parents. This was well before it opened to the public. I was always curious about what was behind the stone fence I noticed from our car.  

This view at the farm is near the parking area. The entry way is beautiful and hard to miss it’s welcoming beauty. There were numerous wildflowers all over and I loved how the walkway created a space through them leading toward the information center in the distance.  The colors I chose to work with are a bit different than what was really there.  It was a warm sunny morning so a lot more yellow hues were present and some brighter light.  Using my artistic license I went with the cooler palette including beautiful greens ranging from yellow green to more aqua and turquoise.  The violet and lavender touches served as a nice compliment to the gorgeous green tones.   I’m not sure why I went that way with my color choices but I think they express in some form the elegance and lush nature of the estate and all it has to offer a visitor.  

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  1. Tebogo Precious Moholwa

    I swear if I were able to travel like a thought, I’d at your door step to buy this beautiful painting. Very lovely 💛

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