“Fruitful Investigation”

“Fruitful Investigation” 11″ x 14″ Oil on panel – $500

For a long time I have been interested in pieces and parts of things.  Some years back I started creating what I called composite paintings.  These were made out of many small paintings that I then put together to create a larger new work.  What I identified with then and still do, is the aspect that life is a combination of many elements working together.   Similarly, I am a person of many parts and experiences or a composite of what I came here with and what I then learned.

This colorful semi-abstract still life oil painting is an articulation of a small part of a full still life painting I did last month.  In essence I’m working in the opposite fashion of the composite paintings I was created a few years ago.  This deeper exploration through painting is taking hold in a profound way.  There is something important going on in examining parts of full paintings.  A curiosity and interest is emerging as I uncover what lies within the extracted entities.   Interestingly, this process mirrors my own life experience over the past 10 years where I have needed to go deep inside and examine the roots of my past. This has been and can still be a painful process but it’s opening me up to who I really am without shame so I can experience real joy and purpose. 

Over the next months I will be sharing some of this work as time permits realizing some of it may be completely unidentifiable – perhaps it will become more of an emotional expression.  I think that’s what I am looking for more of in my art.  Some deep part of me knows beauty exists in those things I don’t completely understand, and it’s okay to look there now.   

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