“Tiger Lilies”

“Tiger Lilies” 18″ x 14″ Oil on canvas – $850

This time of year I love the beautiful orange that pops up around the neighborhood and in my yard when summer Tiger Lilies bloom.  I’m not sure why they are called Tiger Lilies, however from what I have read the Tiger Lily originated in Japan, Korea and China. In doing a little more research I discovered a variety called Orange Lilies.  These look more like the ones in my yard. Their botanic name is Lilium bulbiferum and they dont have spots like the other variety.  A fun fact: Tiger Lilies symbolize confidence, wealth and pride.

What I love about these flowers are there height and delicate shape. Each season I watch them emerge from the soil starting out as low bunches of leafy green spikes.  Slowly, they inch their way up into a dense mass of tall leaves with pole like stalks in the center where the buds finally bloom into gorgeous orange flowers.    

In this painting, I started with a desire to incorporate flowers of some kind and went from there with a generalized idea of wanting to include some green.  As usual I went about collecting some objects like the pitcher and oblong fabric lined basket. The orange lilies came to mind since I have a garden full of them.  And what a great color to work with the green!  I was excited. 

Looking at things differently is a constant in my still life work as I tend to repeat objects and stay with things I have readily available.  It’s like sticking with buying produce that’s in season at the market.  There is a challenge in this process that does  stimulate creativity which is part of what my painting is all about. 

There is a painterly approach within this colorful work even though the piece has a strong sense of design to it as an expression.   I hope you enjoy it!   


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