“Vintage Glass Perimeters”

“Vintage Glass Perimeters” 8″ x 10″ Oil on panel – $200

This still life emerged in a rather impromptu way while I was doing some studio cleaning after having finished a painting.  In the process I was lightly considering what to work on next with no clear idea.

For some reason, I remembered I had a packed up a bunch of vintage bottles and canning jars last summer as I was getting ready to sell my house.  I’ve always loved vintage bottles and jars.  Canning jars in particular have intrigued me.  There’s something creative and artful in their design.  I unpacked a few and began creating this arrangement. I paused some, wondering if this was really where I wanted to go and then dove in!  (Sometimes that’s just what I need to do.) 

Keeping the arrangement simple, soft colorful reflections started to become clear.  As I roughed in the shapes the composition started to develop.  Working with a lot of variations of white I hoped to hone in on the beautiful subtle hues that were present.  They became a grounding point for intensification and expression throughout the composition.   

I’m really happy with the small painting and plan on doing a few more in a slightly larger scale with the hope of gaining more insight into the perimeters of reflections and color.

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