“Pitcher, Plants and Fruit”

“Pitcher, Plants and Fruit” 10″x 8″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

Color is an amazing thing and something I am continually drawn to in painting and in life.  As I proceed on my journey as an artist it’s becoming easier for me to see  and work with it in developing a composition.  

In this small oil painting I loved the eclectic array of plants, fruits and decorative objects. There was a beautiful variation on height and a lot of texture. The colors were spectacular and that’s what I keyed into, taking artistic licence when needed.  The background was largely wall space with some cabinetry all of which I simplified into blocks of color reflective of what I saw. 

As the painting progressed I enjoyed the changing light and atmosphere of the space; relishing the opportunity to paint with fellow artists.  The few breaks we did take revolved around looking at how each person was  progressing and noticing – as we always do – how distinctly different our interpretations are of the same subject matter.  That’s part of the beauty of creativity!




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