“Yellow and the Bouquet”

“Yellow and the Bouquet” 10″ x 8″ Oil on canvas – $300

This small contemporary still life was a lot of fun to paint and a nice break from working on the larger scale pieces I’ve been doing.   

This colorful and semi-abstract study evolved with some remaining flowers from a prior still life arrangement. I think this is part of an artists resourcefulness. I hate to throw things away that still have life in them to enjoy! And it’s amazing to me how some blooms just last.

Creating a simple arrangement I used a white pitcher as a vase for the remaining flowers and added a cut up orange along with a pretty summer green cloth as an accent.  The colors felt fresh and inviting.  The beautiful warm yellow hues  from the light shining on the background came through and were augmented to become an important part of the visual story.

Seeking the shapes and geometry within an arrangement always raises questions and takes time as I aim to see how they might work together in the overall context. Color then plays an important part in the expression of what I am experiencing.

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