“The Window Bouquet”

“The Window Bouquet”  7″ x 5″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

Good things come on small canvases!  Painting on the smaller canvas hasn’t been part of my practice of late. However, on this day when I was painting with a few friends I ended up having time to work on two pieces.  This was the second still life and as luck would have it there was a small canvas in my bag.

The vase of red flowers drew my attention and from there I discerned what else to include in the composition as there was much to work with.  I’m not good with the names of plants but I liked the long green leaves of the plant in the left corner. It had a tropical nature to it. Perhaps a variety of palm that had a spindly presence definitely in contrast to the robust flowering neighbors.  I wasn’t sure about adding it to the painting but was drawn to its contrasting nature and felt it had value within the whole.

This was a rather quick study that I kept loose and abstract aiming for simple shapes while I cued into my  experience and the essence of the plant life before me.

A fun morning overall and special painting to have unfold in the company of friends.  Enjoy!

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