“The Red Barn and Green Field”

“The Red Barn and Green Field” 11″ x 14″ Oil on panel – $500

A while back I visited a lavender farm out in Peace Valley, PA.  Imagine a place called Peace Valley.  I just loved the name and it was very reflective of the terrain.  A friend introduced me to the area when she and I decided to go painting together.  As is customary I took many photos. 

Since that time thoughts of the area and this vista in particular kept entering my mind. Surprisingly in a recent excursion digging through some older photos I came upon a snapshot of the vista I remembered from my visit to Peace Valley.  What I loved about the landscape was the arrangement of buildings and barns with the hint of  lake in the distance.  There was a lovely charm about the scene that felt inviting.  In painting this landscape, I will confess to taking some artistic license primarily in the foreground.  This seemed to better articulate the essence of my experience and the beauty that did exist at this farmstead.  Which by the way was right behind the lavender fields.  I hope you enjoy your visit!


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  1. Catherine, my mouth is hanging open. This is SO gorgeous! It seems lately something in you has just been galloping away. I’ve watched you improve and lately I am stunned by what I am seeing. I showed hubby this painting of yours and his comment ….. and this is extremely a high end compliment ….. “this belongs in a museum”. I agree. You really need to be proud of yourself. BRAVA!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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