“The Preserved Meadow”

“The Preserved Meadow”  8″ x 10″ oil on canvas – SOLD

For me, there’s something about painting during the fall that’s about “preservation”.  The ability to record the colors as the landscape changes just feels so necessary. Upon reflection, this is akin to my desire to paint and how I feel the preservation of my soul happening in that process. 

I’m moved by color and the leaves as they change create such an atmosphere of beauty that a part of me doesn’t want to let it go.  Maybe that’s crazy but color has that kind of impact.  It gets under my skin and goes to a place deep inside my being.   

This small plein-air landscape was created at a local preserve.  The field itself is quite massive and for this piece I was toward one end of the expanse.  It was a sunny morning and very quiet.  For a time I was in the company of a few deer grazing.  The balance of the morning was spent in quiet reflection on the beautiful reds, oranges, golds and greens that shifted in  intensity as the sun moved.   Before I knew it several hours had passed and the light had shifted. My painting was just about complete – saving space for some subtle shifts as I began to pack up and return to my studio. 

I think being able to paint nature and the seasons helps ingrain them into my being.  In essence they become indelible parts of my character that I get to carry with me wherever I go, for this, I am grateful.



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