“Sunflower Fields”

“Sunflower Fields” 11″ x 14″ Oil on panel – $500

I was greeted by this dramatic view on one of my early visits to the sunflower farm.  With my camera in hand I  spent a lot of time taking photos.  This is a practice that I have in part because I enjoy photography, but I also recognize that no matter where I go, there are going to be many inspiring vistas I will want to capture and not all of them will be able to be done “en plein-air”.    

This is a piece I developed in my studio from one of my photos.  It would have been a difficult view to capture on site because the number of people visiting during the course of the day.  The view would have been largely obstructed so it was a great one to have as a photo for later work.  

What drew me to this particular view were the shapes I saw in the ground space.  The irregular forms of damp and dry soil showed up in beautiful russet reds and oranges and were aligned next to low cut grasses in yellow and blue green.  In the distance I noticed turquoise and indigo blue which formed a rich backdrop and foundation for the floating yellow sunflowers.  There was a contemporary feel to the landscape that lent itself well to using exaggerated colors. 


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