“Staging the Field”

"Staging the Field" 11"x 14"
“Staging the Field” 11″ x 14″ Oil on panel – SOLD

I don’t often think of staging when it comes to painting but there certainly is an aspect of that as an artist when it comes to creating a composition.  In the context of this painting I thought of staging in terms of farmers preparing or staging the field for future crops.  So often after a harvest I notice the soil being turned by the huge tractors and rows being meticulously formed and readied for the next planting.       

This painting was one I completed on site at the sunflower farm during the festival I participated in. Ironically I never actually made it into the sunflower fields on this day but found myself enamored with the view from the parking lot.  I didn’t have to move from my car and had a chuckle or two at that as this was completely unexpected.  But what else could I do when faced with a scene that seemed to be staged just for me on this sun filled morning.  The field was actually being used as the parking area.  As a result, I encountered a few instances where I needed to ask people to park elsewhere so that I could continue with the painting.  I can’t say that was the most comfortable thing to do but it was necessary for a bit so that I could get painting blocked in and on it’s way. 

What I loved about this view was the cluster of barns and out buildings at the horizon.  The mowed fields lines that naturally drew my eye into the farmstead were an added benefit.  I saw colors that were rich and magnetic all dancing together in a way that resonated with my heart.  Although there weren’t sunflowers to work with there was the warmth and beauty of agriculture and the peaceful tranquility of nature which more and more I seek to be a part of.

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