“Sunflowers and Soil”

“Sunflowers and Soil” 12″ x 9″ oil on panel – SOLD

Sunflowers are symbolic of longevity and loyalty in terms of their spiritual meaning.  They are hardy flowers with strong stems and come in both perennial and annual varieties.  It’s the annual variety that have the large seed heads.  When cut sunflowers can last up to two weeks which is part of why they are connected to the idea of longevity.  The loyalty for me stems from their radiance and beautiful yellow color something that’s always guaranteed as part of the experience when in full bloom whether the sun is shining or not. 

Interestingly, this painting was created on a very overcast morning which muted many of the hues I was used to experiencing within the fields.  However, the sunflower heads stood in their glory and had an increased presence in contrast with the cloudy sky and darker hues of the earth from which they were anchored.

I was drawn to the surrounding soil when approaching this landscape.  The earthy browns, greens and mustard hues intrigued me.  The isolated gathering of blooms had a unique formation that wouldn’t have otherwise been noticeable had the ground around them been less visible.  The constant and “guaranteed” part in this vista were the vibrant yellow petals that seemed unchanged by the lack of sun. Even the smaller varieties near by retained a place visually within the composition.  

This is a unique painting within the lot of what I created over the 6 weeks.  It invokes a different set of contrasts in terms of its overall mood which I like and why I decided to post the painting.  I take comfort at times reveling around in the earthy, muted hues that can be found outdoors.  Soil in particular has a richness in color that I often want to dive into and certainly enjoyed exploring within this small landscape. 


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