“Farm and Flowers”

“Farm and Flowers” 8″ x 10″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

As promised, here is another painting from my time at the sunflower festival.  If truth be told this small painting is one I created from a photograph I had taken while there.  I will post another verson of this vista in a week or so that I painted en plein-air in a slightly larger scale. 

It was so much fun exploring the space in the fields and the amazing array of colors and shapes that emerged after standing there for awhile.  The cluster of barns in the distance contained a lot of activity during the festival. The fields themselves were full of families and couples eager to take pictures and cut sunflowers for purchase before leaving. 

Personally, I like to convey the more basic elements of a landscape thus leaving out people and other attractions.  I think this is where I connect within the space and find the most interest when creating a visual story.  Of course the colors are a representation of the rich and beautiful energy that is there and is inclusive of all that’s really going on.   I hope you enjoy the painting and can find yourself somewhere among the field of flowers! 

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