“A Sandy Hill Escape”

“A Sandy Hill Escape” 12″ x 9″ Oil on panel – $350

Being outdoors and walking through nature is a very meditative experience for me.  I’m always surprised at the billions of tiny things going on around me and at the same time how peaceful it can be.  I also am someone who can appreciate a variety of outdoor environments.

The landscape captured in this plein-air painting intrigued me with it’s desert like feel. The terrain was quite sandy and had beautiful hills and curves that created an interesting architecture.  The plant life was varied and included vegetation that loves sandy soil. They too had an interesting and unique presence. Although I wasn’t in a desert but visiting a local nature preserve  largely filled with trees and plant life indigenous to New Jersey this small area presented something quite different to my eye.

In rendering the painting I was drawn to the angular quality of the leaves and plant life as well as the dramatic contrasts in the colors of nature. It was fun to exaggerate those aspects that most resonated with my experience in creating the composition. 

On a final note, there is a man-made lake at the location that certainly indicated I was not in a desert. However, I think in this piece I could liken it to a mirage.  : ) 


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