“Summertime Marina”

“Summertime Marina” 11″ x 14″ Oil on panel – SOLD

What would summer be without at least one “sea faring” inspired painting.  Although I haven’t made it to the beach this summer I have a collection of photographs from some of my visits to the ocean and local marina’s.  I’ve been inspired to make a trip to one of these areas over the next few weeks while the weather is still temperate for such an experience after creating this oil painting in my studio.

The painting featured captures a moment at Curtin Marina in Burlington, NJ.  It’s an interesting spot that makes me feel like I’m in the tropics even though I’m not.  There is a classic marina with boats of all kinds and plenty of interesting vistas to paint. It’ always amazes me how each boat has a personality.  And when they are all lined up in their respective spots it’s like a gathering of local friends.

On one occasion visiting Curtin Marina I was welcomed by some tropically inspired music coming from the waterside restaurant. It added such a lively energy to the atmosphere making painting there feel very festive. With that spirit in mind I approached this studio piece with fond memories.  This vista in particular had a nice balance of my favorite parts. The outdoor restaurant, a few select boating vessels and nature.  I didn’t turn on any Jamaican music but I suppose that would have been a lot of fun to do.  (Maybe I’ll remember next time.)    The variety of shapes and intersecting elements made this a compelling composition to engage with.  The challenge was to simplify and key into the aspects of the scene to create an expression that was abstract yet reflective of the beautiful energy of the location.    

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