“Just One Plant”

“Just One Plant” 11″ x 14″ oil on panel – Available

A small potted Begonia was all I needed to find some initial inspiration for this still life.  Sometimes paintings happen that way –  there’s a moment and an idea that comes together without much effort. 

I can’t say this wasn’t a risk because although I felt sure about working with the plant, trowel and vintage gas can, I knew the grouping didn’t make complete sense.  There was something appealing about that element of the composition.

The vintage gas can I’ve had for many years and bought it because I liked it’s design.  In the context of the arrangement I connected with it being a vessel for liquid that may or may not be good for the flowering plant.  The discord in that provided a point of interest and break with a more traditional examination of logical or related things. 

While I wouldn’t water my Begonia with gas – living things do need fuel to prosper and grow.  What that fuel consists of is an individual matter and fruit for another story…



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