“Just One Plant”

“Just One Plant” 11″ x 14″ Oil on panel – $500

A small potted Begonia was all I needed to find some initial inspiration for this still life.  Sometimes paintings happen that way –  there’s a moment and an idea that comes together without much effort. 

I can’t say this wasn’t a risk because although I felt sure about working with the plant, trowel and vintage gas can, I knew the grouping didn’t make complete sense.  There was something appealing about that element of the composition.

The vintage gas can I’ve had for many years and bought it because I liked it’s design.  In the context of the arrangement I connected with it being a vessel for liquid that may or may not be good for the flowering plant.  The discord in that provided a point of interest and break with a more traditional examination of logical or related things. 

While I wouldn’t water my Begonia with gas – living things do need fuel to prosper and grow.  What that fuel consists of is an individual matter and fruit for another story…



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  1. Although it is now December and you shared this in August, I just wanted to let you know how much this image captured my attention. I saw it on your etsy account, and tracked it down here on your site to let you know. This is stunning, its magical. I kept asking myself “what is it, what is it that fills me with such quiet awe?” I then I got it. When you painted this, from my perspective you captured the very essence of the creativity of the art movement that surged up in the late 1800’s early 1900’s. Until now I have seen many attempt to replicate it, but never have I seen the very essence recreated, and felt. This is wonderful, simply wonderful.

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