“The Potted Geranium”

“The Potted Geranium” 20″ x 16″ Oil on canvas – $1100

Geraniums acquired their name from the Greek word geranos which means cranes bill. This came about because the seed pods look like a crane’s bill.  I had to Google that to see for myself.  I can’t say I’ve ever really taken a close look at the seed pods.  And here you go! 

What I like about this flower is it’s hearty nature and abundant deep green leaf base that supports the delicate colorful petals.  My favorite are red or pink geraniums.  Both colors varieties really stand out against the green undergrowth and they work well in a lot of areas. I tend to put them in pots on my patio.

This painting came about as I was sitting outside one morning appreciating my growing geranium.  I knew I was going to paint that day but was unsure of whether I wanted to travel to a location or just work something from home.   Then it dawned on me to just paint the potted geranium.  I had a larger canvas prepared and set myself up outside just taking in the view as it was.  Initially the color palette was a bit more subdued as the day was quite overcast. 

It’s been over the past few weeks in sitting with the painting that I felt something gnawing at me.  While I liked the painting well enough, I felt like it needed something else in terms of color.  It’s not often that I go back in and re-work the colors within a piece but I decided to experiment on this one – figuring I really have nothing to lose and everything to gain from the experience of risking. 

The painting as it appears now has a more vibrant and exaggerated palette of colors.  Reality is somewhat tossed to the wind and the finished piece more spirited and reflective of how I feel when I embrace the beauty of my simple potted geranium.

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