“The Gift Blooms”

“The Gift Blooms” 16″ x 20″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

When I think about flowers and the whole process that takes course to create a lovely bloom I am truly amazed.  I think that’s one of the many subtle experiences I encounter when receiving a bouquet or in clipping flowers to create my own arrangement.  It’s rather miraculous that something emerging from a seed or root could express such vibrancy and color for our eyes to enjoy once it emerges from the ground.

Translating a bouquet on to canvas is another experience all together.  I’m never quite sure how a painting is going to unfold. I think I just plant the seedlings and let my inner nature take over.  The brushes help me do that along with the palette of colors.  I don’t expect to replicate what I see anymore in any exact form but aim for a collaborative effort where the essence of the subject is recognizable but clearly differentiated from any realistic portrayal. 

A thoughtful friend dropped this bouquet by one afternoon in honor of the anniversary of my mothers passing.  Her actual passing occurred over 30 years ago but can still bring tears as I remember my 23 year old self’s abrupt and unexpected loss.  Life changed a lot after that day for me.  It hasn’t been easy growing up without a mom/mother and I think my heart has ached for a long time with the absence of that experience.  I’m not sure what moved me to paint these flowers but they spoke to me and as I do more frequently now – I listened and just picked up the brush to see what might bloom. 

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