“Waiting for Birds”

“Waiting for Birds” 20″ x 16″ Oil on panel – $1100

Just a few short weeks ago the tiger lilies were starting to emerge.  I noticed them one afternoon as looked outside my kitchen window.  Without expecting it, I became enamored of the scene before me in a way I hadn’t been before and decided I wanted to record it on canvas.

Later that afternoon I gathered my gear and found a  little space to stand among the soft branches of some other trees.  I felt challenged by the composition and my close proximity.  The combination of linear and abstract entities were a force that I questioned in terms of my ability to translate them with meaning as I began.  Given that, I noticed my level of intimidation is decreasing in terms of complex landscapes.  It’s not that fear doesn’t cross my mind – it just doesn’t linger anymore – I guess I just figure I need to go for it and see what comes out once my brush hits the canvas.  I’ve thrown out the idea of “mistakes” and find affinity in the idea that everything is “practice”.  This takes a load off of needing to forge a specific outcome and in my view opens the door to real creativity.

The scale of this piece is a bit larger at 20″x 16″ which I felt compelled to work with as it seemed to fit the gravity of the landscapes texture and design.

I’m really happy with this piece and it’s complexity.  It reminds me of what I get to look at each day and how I wait for the birds who do come to visit, eat and take a dip before they head along on their journey.

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