“The Covered Bridge”

“The Covered Bridge” 11″ x 14″ Oil on panel – $500

It was only yesterday but it felt like I had stepped back in time to a quieter place where life moved at a slower pace, one more akin to my spirit.

In this beautiful setting at the Schofield Ford Covered Bridge I had the opportunity to explore the wonders of color through the natural landscape.  This historic bridge is located in Tyler State Park in Richboro, PA.  I’ve been to this location before about 6 years ago to paint with some of the same artists I went with yesterday.  Not much had changed and it was good to be back to appreciate the area. 

The bridge itself it a short and adventurous walk from the parking area but worth the effort!  There’s so much to take in and so many poignant vistas in terms of subject matter. It can feel like being in a candy store and not knowing what to pick!  Like last time I took an extended walk around and decided to include the bridge as part of my painting; taking more of a side perspective this time. I liked the curved spaces of the shadows and trees that offset the bold and expansive linear character of the bridge.  Keeping the overall format stripped to the simplest of forms took some time as there were many compelling details that my eye appreciated but discerningly I chose to leave out and let color take place. 

The bridge is a large structure with a very simple exterior.  What I found interesting was the beautiful woodworking on the inside where large beams on the sides and overhead formed a dynamic weave of embrace.   There were a few diamond shaped openings along the side where one could peak out and view the stream below.

My fellow artist friends found other equally interesting places to paint – as I said there are many!  All of which include the sounds of nature which I love because they make painting outdoors a multi-sensory experience that just brings me home to a place I don’t want to leave.

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