“A New Hope Landscape”

“A New Hope Landscape” 11″ x 14″ Oil on panel – $500

Toward the end of last week I had the opportunity to meet a fellow artist over in the little town of New Hope, PA.  It’s a charming little place set right along the Delaware River.  There is a large art community and it’s usually a hot spot for visitors on the weekends. Painting their during the week is something I prefer as it’s easier to find parking, so this was a welcome adventure.  

The scene painted here is right along Main Street as you start to enter the town with the river running behind.   I was drawn to the small cluster of historic homes and the light stucco of this tiny house with its billowing plants and greenery.  Tucked away on the left was a view through to the river which I enhanced with a nice vibrant turquoise.  The river itself seemed to blend into the general greenery in a way that almost left it unnoticed.  Taking some artistic license seemed appropriate to make it more visible.

Although you can not tell from my interpretation the canal was right in front of me filled with tall vegetation.  Further down to my left after the dam, the water was evident running along side the shade covered tow path.   I look forward to going back and capturing some different perspectives over the next weeks and enjoying the bucolic nature this area has nestled away behind the main thoroughfare.  

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