“Cottage at the Mountain”

“Cottage at the Mountain” 8″ x 10″ oil on canvas –  SOLD

I’ve been enamored by the Magnolia trees this spring like many of my fellow artist friends.  With the weather warming up a bit and in the absence of humidity the conditions have been wonderfully conducive to painting outdoors.  I’ve been aiming to commit to some plein air outings each week – even one will suffice for right now as time allows.

On this beautiful day I joined a friend in a spontaneous inspiration to head over to Baldpate Mountain in Titusville, NJ.  Titusville is a small town along the Delaware River it’s a charmer for sure.  Baldpate Mountain is a bit east of the river and offers an amazing assortment of trails for hiking, horseback riding and more.  If you walk to the grassy summit you can take in a view overlooking the Delaware River as it heads southbound.  This is a real treat in the fall when the leaves are in their height of color.  Additionally,  there are a few historic buildings on site that add to the architecture of the entire landscape. One of the cottages has a nice covered porch with chairs so you can relax, meditate or rest after a hike and enjoy the expansive view of the river. 

On this sunny afternoon, my friend and I faced away from the overlook. There was some shade behind the cottage with the covered porch and a nice view of this pink magnolia with it’s arching limbs of color.  The old barn in the background was rather tattered and worn but caught the bright sunlight and I thought it was a welcome touch to the composition.  The tree and barn seemed to have a partnership that worked well with the winding trails of color inhabiting the ground.  

I look forward to returning to Baldpate Mountain over the next weeks to see what else I can find to capture on canvas.  Funny it’s located on Fiddler’s Creek Road.  As I think about that I can see someone playing the fiddle here on a nice spring day enjoying the beauty and serenity of the moment! 

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