“Vegetable Medley”

“Vegetable Medley” 9″ x 12″ Oil on panel – SOLD

Summer can be a wealth of inspiration for the casual and not so casual painter.  Everything seems to come alive with color and texture nurtured in many ways through the dormancy of winter in the regions where seasons change. This painting reminds me of the beautiful assortment of vegetables that appear during the summer months.  I suppose I appreciate them more in some way because of the shift in seasons where I live.

“Vegetable Medley” actually came about as the result of one of my weekly visits to the local supermarket.  As I was walking through the produce aisle I noticed a cart with a box of colorful peppers on it.  A few other random veggies mixed in added to the excitement I felt with the visual arrangement.  Had I been equipped with my paints and gear I might have stopped to set up right there – I’m not sure that would have been a welcomed encounter with no prior notice! 

With that inspiration in mind I purchased an assortment of vegetables to bring home and create my own collection.  Although quite a bit less random than what I had witnessed it was fun putting the arrangement together.  Instead of a box the colander comes in. It’s shape and architecture I felt offered a bit more exposure to the contents.  The colors felt as exciting as they did in the market. The shapes were equally as bold and luscious to my eye in the kitchen colander. 

It’s not summer yet but this feels like a symbolic notation of what’s to come as the harvests start to reach fulfillment and are picked for us to enjoy in a homemade meal or piece of art to feast upon with our eyes and hearts. 

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