“Forsythia and Lemons”

Forsythia and Lemons” 14″ x 11″ Oil on panel – SOLD

Welcoming in spring, for me, often means taking clippings of the early blooming trees and flowers and bringing them indoors to enhance my interior environment.  

I’ve watched the large Forsythia tree in my backyard breath into it’s full celebration of yellow over the past couple of weeks.  It slowly becomes a golden ball of sunlight sitting in my backyard to be admired and enjoyed.  It’s primal presence can’t be missed and I know from experience that it passes all to quickly into shades of green until next year.  With that in mind and a few rainy days in the forecast, I gathered my pruning sheers and delicately cut some branches for indoor enjoyment.

In an effort to retain the experience a painting came to mind.  What I loved about this arrangement was the way the branches fell open into the pitcher almost creating a tree like expression.  The pitcher was there in my studio, available and waiting to accept the beautiful wands of vibrant color.   The lemons seemed to me to be a perfect compliment that carried the piece further reminding me of summer waiting around the bend and sweet sips of freshly squeezed lemonade.


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    • Yes they are so pretty. I would miss my forsythia too if it stopped blooming. I had that with my magnolia tree last year. It’s interesting how I look forward to those events in spring. I relate to the pruning being hard work. I don’t prune mine so much….can’t reach the top of it and where it is it’s ok to just let it go wild – so to speak.

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