“The Snow Laden Farm”

“The Snow Laden Farm” 8″ x 10″ oil on canvas – SOLD

I love winter and the cooler temperatures. Being outside in newly fallen snow I find inspirational and engaging.  This winter seemed to be a little lack luster in terms of snow fall – until mid March rolled around.  Surprise, surprise!

Having set aside my plein-air painting practice for the season I found myself pleasantly surprised with the late winter.  I guess I had become so used to painting in my studio that with the last downfall of white stuff I decided to just take my camera out and shoot some photos hoping for something to present itself in the way of a possible landscape painting.

This piece was developed from one of the photographs.  Actually the location isn’t one where it would be safe to set up my easel as there’s a busy road streaming right by on the left.  This is an old farm that is active and kept in such great condition.  Anytime I drive by I am always impressed with how perfect everything looks.  It’s a place that I’ve approached about plein air painting and learned that the farmers weren’t open to that kind of thing.  Although I was disappointed, I understood.  What I loved about this vista were the colors and the simplicity of the barn and buildings. I kept the interpretation to a minimum of shapes with an emphasis on the colors as I experienced them. 

I feel grateful to have been able to capture one winter scene this year even as a studio piece.  I look forward to getting out and picking up some plein-air painting as spring is finally emerging!


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