“Blue Glass and Apples II”

“Blue Glass and Apples II” 8″ x 10″ oil on canvas – SOLD 

Inspiration for me comes from so many directions and in my continuing exploration of the still life the patterns and textures of a composition are igniting feelings of wonder.  The process of collecting things for a still life painting in so many ways initiates this feeling. 

Baskets are something I have collected over the years, and as a result I have a variety of them in different shapes and sizes.  The willow basket that became part of this painting I chose for it’s loose weave and bold, sturdy character.  I liked the overall texture of it.  

The glass cheese dome is another piece I’ve had for a long time and although I rarely used it I kept it.  ( I do that sometimes – hang on to things!)  The vibrant blue color is what always attracted me and I suppose the shape was another curious aspect that I was drawn to.  It has some sentimental value, which  is part of the underlying motivation for my keeping it and bringing it into the arrangement.  I think I’ve always wanted to find a use for this blue cheese dome that went beyond it’s intended purpose.  

The white pitcher is another treasure I’ve hung on to.  Although this functional object did experience more use in my home it’s not a distant traveler from the blue cheese dome.  With that said, there’s something about white earthenware that’s timeless and classic.  There’s a sense of safety within the qualities of being “classic” and I suspect white pitchers have been around for centuries.  Maybe that’s something I can Google for a historical chronology. 

This eclectic combination of wares isn’t so random.  Unified by a bright patterned fabric underneath the medley of colors, textures and shapes spoke to my heart giving voice to aspects of my past and present that I held at bay and in storage for a time in the future I could quite see then.  The objects didn’t go to waste and I think I appreciate them more now in this context than I ever would have if they were simply used for their original purpose. 

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