“The Scale of Things”

“The Scale of Things” 14″ x 11″ Oil on panel – $440

Relative” something having, or standing in some relation or connection to something else.

Something dependent upon external conditions for it’s specific nature, size, etc. in a consistent, regular manner.”   (Dictionary.com)

This painting is a counterpart to the previously posted piece, “A Patternmaker’s Kitchen”.   I’m calling it “The Scale of Things” for a variety of reasons both literal and figurative in nature.  There’s a part of me at this time in  life where I am considering the scale of things and their relative “weight”.  Patterns I realize can camouflage the weight of things whether it’s patterns of behavior, thinking or other forms of pattern that I can use to feel safe and comforted. If left without question some patterns can become “weighty” objects… perhaps this is my draw to the scale.  

The two paintings clearly relate  to each other in the most basic form.  The same objects make up the composition.  What changed was my location in relationship to the arrangement.  I’m finding a lot of value in continuing to explore the still life this way and capturing various vantage points through multiple canvases.  It’s like life – when I open up to other points of view I learn things about myself and others as well.  I seem to grow with more enthusiasm than when I hold fast to a singular perspective.   

Rotating around the arrangement comes with new challenges and encourages alternate ways of  interpretation.  The shifts may be subtle but they are there.  Modifying the size and orientation of the canvas brought new insight and questions regarding the surrounding space and how much to include.  The decisions aren’t academic but more from the heart and what feels right at the time.   


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