“Patterned Apples”

“Patterned Apples” 8″ x 8″x 1.5″ Oil on canvas – $240

The apple is a long time feature in many still life paintings throughout history.  Traditionally speaking the apple has signified – knowledge, corruption, sin, immorality, temptation. The placement of the apple within the painting also played a part in that determination.

What’s also interesting to note is that the word “apple” in mythology, folktales and religious text was often used to define all fruit other than those that fell into the category of berries up to the late 17th century.   In considering that aspect it seems to me there might have been some confusion in trying to understand or interpret the details in stories from the past. 

I can’t say that I consciously thought about a particular significance for the green apples I chose in constructing this composition.  The apples I had were quite beautiful and the green color in and of itself a compelling point of interest to my eye.  The surrounding elements of pattern, line and color just emerged organically from things I had around my studio and playing with those until it just felt right to me.  What I am enjoying is finding a way to merge aspects of the surrounding space with the object at hand in a way that they all have importance.  Perhaps on that level there is some synchronicity within the history of still life painting and the need for symbolic intention as a way to create importance.  

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