“A Palette of Shapes and Colors”

“A Palette of Shapes and Colors” 16″ x 20″ Oil on canvas – $1100

Staying with a subject for more than one painting isn’t something I am used to practicing.  There’s a part of me I suppose that thought that would be boring.  As it’s turned out I got to know a little bit more about myself as a person and artist while developing a better understanding of the subject and the space it inhabits.

Within this process a few things changed since the prior rendering.  A few of the fruit became decayed to the point where I needed to throw them away and rather than bringing the arrangement back to what it was I worked with a few less pieces.  My location in the studio changed giving me an alternative point of view to explore.  It’s also been interesting to play with pattern and fabric.  I conveyed more pattern in this painting than in  “The Celebration Pitcher” posted a week or so ago.  In that piece I omitted the tonal pattern on the light fabric in the background and only articulated pattern in the magenta hued material.   The palette of colors is relatively consistent between the two paintings. I liked the native/tropical influence that emerged on the first one and wanted to carry that into this piece to see how it would work.   It’s interesting to me that the two paintings have their own distinct personality even though they consist essentially of the same items.  

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