“The Celebration Pitcher”

“The Celebration Pitcher” 16″ x 20″ – Oil on Canvas – $1100

Creative inspiration comes from many places and I’m no stranger to a thrift shop shelve of treasures; besides there’s something that feels really good about buying “used” outside of the recycling factor.  And while I can appreciate “new” it’s not always necessary. 

So it is for the pitcher in this still life – a somewhat recent thrift shop acquisition. I went with the intention of seeing what kind of things I might find inspiring as still life subjects.   In less than 5 minutes my eyes rested upon this lovely vessel.  I liked the simple ordinary quality it had and the price was right – I think $5 with 50% off.  Hard to pass that up!  After getting it home, I had to think about it a bit in terms of potential use.  An uncertainty stirred inside me as I wasn’t clear on what I would put with the object for a painting, as charming as it was.  Before long I had gathered up a few other handmade ceramic “rejects” I had around seeing their shapes as interesting and their imperfections attractive. 

Clearly not a realistic representation as this is something I might have done in the past.  I keep finding these abstractions compelling ingredients to my creative process and a space in which I can continue to explore color and the order of things in a way that makes room for the glorious imperfections and abstractions of life.

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