“Pieces of Color”

“Pieces of Color” 12″ x 9″ Oil on panel – $375

Exploring the facets of a still life is proving to be a very enjoyable experience and one that I seem to be continually inspired by.  Most recently, I’ve been changing my position in the room vs. re-arranging  the objects.  There’s always something interesting and new to take in from other angles.  I think this reminds me of an important life lesson. There is always more than one point of view on most things and I never really have the whole picture, nor does anyone else.

For this painting I came back to something I visit with some regularity and that is patterning in the background.  The actual arrangement did not have a patterned fabric backdrop but something inside me suggested testing that out.  I had a postcard with a reproduction of a Matisse on it and looked at the fabric backdrop in that painting as inspiration.   Although, what I came up with here in no way mirrors what I saw. These shapes and colors seemed to develop their own sense of relevance  within the composition.

Painting often feels like one big experiment to me and perhaps like a huge puzzle being put together from my heart.  There’s an organic merging of shapes and colors going on and I’m not always sure where I’m going with it.  There’s a loose guideline I suppose in the arrangement of the objects but after that something else takes over. In terms of exploring “points of view” I’ve since painted a second piece from this set-up only this time leaving the pattern out of the background.  It’s different but equally as interesting to me in terms of gaining perspective.   



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