“Bowl Stein and Fruit”

Original still life oil painting
“Bowl Stein and Fruit” 9″ x 12″ Oil on panel – $375

Well my thrift shop bowl is finding it way into a number of still life paintings these days.  It’s been a fun subject to work with.  For this piece I also took an old stein that I think my daughter or nephew picked up at a yard sale some years ago.  I haven’t gotten rid of it in part because I started to appreciate its shape and character as a potential piece in a still life painting. 

I like the rustic feeling of these utilitarian objects and that’s definitely as aspect of what inspires me toward them.  After playing around with some variations in arrangement, and adding some other favorites of  mine I settled in on this for a composition. 

The painting is abstract in spirit with a lot of exploration of color and movement away from a literal interpretation.  I loved how the folds in the fabric background added to the structure of this painting and in some sense have become almost equal in importance.  The vivid colors make me smile and just seem to keep pouring out.  I’m not sure it’s intentional but simply where my emotions may lie within the creative part of myself.  There are two more paintings that have evolved from this which I will post over the next week or so.  


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