“Bowl Still Life”

"Bowl Still Life" 12" x 16" $385 oil on panel

“Bowl Still Life” 11″x 14″ oil on panel $325

The wonder of a still life is something that never gets boring, although at times I find myself on a search to find new arrangements and subjects to incorporate.  

This recent still life was inspired by the bowl which I found at a local thrift shop.  I loved the patterning and shape of it.  Immediately I was drawn to the idea of making the subject in an oil painting.   There was something about the bowl that reminded me of Cezanne, who’s one of my favorite artists.

I completed a still life not too long ago using one of his paintings as my source only interpreting it differently.  This was a great experience and one of the things I have loved about Cezanne’s still life’s were his use of draped fabrics in the background.  His tend to be rich fabrics with beautiful texture and pattern which I didn’t have on hand but what I think I liked about  the draping were the angles and lines that architected the space.  That’s what I focused on here in terms of the background area.  

For this piece the arrangement it fairly simple in terms of things. There’s a lot of artistic interpretation in terms of color and reduction of details.  The colors on the bowl are somewhat different than what I portrayed and there’s a definite lean toward abstraction, which I like.  

I hope you enjoy the painting. If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing the work please contact me directly.    Thank you!

One thought on ““Bowl Still Life”

  1. Your still life is beautiful Catherine. There is a wonderful balance between the heaviness of the fabric to the bulky fruit and bowl, your choice of colors is perfect for the style. I love this painting – so glad I didn’t miss it.

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