“A Pear Trilogy”

“A Pear Trilogy” 8″ x 8″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

I was inspired this week to work on a small still life oil painting.  There were three beautiful pears in my kitchen which I had honestly purchased with the latent idea of making them the subject of a still life.  It seems I tend toward pears about this time of year as I reflect back on some prior paintings. They are a tradition found in many a still life throughout history.

I set a very classic arrangement and toyed with adding some other things but settled on using simply the three pears.  There was a floral print swatch of fabric underneath for added interest that I wasn’t quite sure how I might interpret on canvas.

As I worked I focused on the key shapes and exaggerated as well as simplified what I saw.  This is far from a true representation of what was there. I’m becoming less concerned with relaying the specifics of what I am experiencing visually so the work is becoming more abstract.  Overall, I think this  painting is infused with a delight in color and pattern.  

If you are interested in a little history of pears, click HERE!

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