“By the Ocean Pier”

“By the Ocean Pier” 11″ x 14″ OIl on canvas – SOLD

Traditionally speaking I am someone who loves the change of seasons. Fall perhaps being one of my most favorite times of the year.  However, this year be it due to global warming or something else the changing leaves and cooler air are very slow in coming.  As I take this in stride I can see it’s been an opportunity for me to venture to the ocean on days that in many ways are even more delightful than mid-summer as the humidity (typical to NJ) is gone.

This plein air oil painting was completed along the beach in Belmar, NJ just a week or so ago.  A lovely day with full sun and mild temps.  A few people meandering around but essentially it felt like I had the ocean all to myself.  I have painted by this pier before and loved the architectural element of it within this coastal landscape.  The ocean to my eye had a vast array of colors as the tides rolled in and out. 

All in all it was a beautiful day with minimal unexpected events.  That is until my departure where as I was leaving I realized I had a flat tire.  In the past this might have thrown me off but as it turned out the experience was quite a blessing.  I quietly sat under a shady tree waiting for the guy to come put on my spare. When he arrived we started to chat and I got to hear about his photography. He began showing me some of his photos mostly taken along the coast right where I was. Many of his images contained the most interesting perspectives of plant life, insects and bugs.  I was blown away by his gift and vision and asked him if he ever sold his work.  He said no, I just love to take photos.  This experience made my day. It was just so inspiring to see his work and I understood the passion behind just needing to create…whatever the medium may be.

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