“Farm Stand Harvest”

” Farm Stand Harvest” 16″ x 20″ Oil on canvas SOLD

I love fruits and vegetables for many reasons and it’s one of the beautiful things about summer when local farm markets are up and running. 

This gathering of both fruits and vegetables was so full of great color and shape and began as a random bunch of items I was getting ready to put away.  As I started it dawned on me to think about making a painting.

Some minor “playing” around with the arrangement  occurred and the bag was an added element that wasn’t originally in my thoughts however I liked what it brought in terms of balance and texture.

The painting was quite fun to work on and reminds me of some of the vintage can labels I have framed and their often graphic quality.  I’m also reminded of the numerous times I can walk into a local farm market and just be consumed with the visual aspects and wonderful colors of what’s there.  It’s a painters paradise to me – I haven’t yet had the courage to ask if I might bring my easel to paint….but one never knows when that might strike!  Stay tuned for more…


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