“A Jeweled Bouquet”

“A Jeweled Bouquet”  20″ x 16″ oil on canvas – SOLD

A summer filled with wildflowers and the opportunity to paint them has been pure joy.  This still life oil painting was inspired by the rich jewel tones in the lovely flowers that came, once again, from my neighbors garden.

The vibrant tones led me to selecting this deep red glass vase as the vessel of containment.  At first I thought it might be too much but once I saw the flowers emerging from it I felt it was a “fit”.  

Shapes, lines and colors became the dominating theme as I began laying things down on the canvas.  While there was much to enjoy visually the process that emerged lent itself to a simplified representation.  As always I find life lessons in each painting and something of a mirror to my own current experience.  One of the life lessons I continue to walk with is that while there may be a lot going on around me I don’t have to get wrapped up in it.  I can keep my life simple and grounded in the basics that work for me.  I think this piece got down to some basics!

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