“Farm and Field”

“Farm and Field” 8″ x 10″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

Standing in the field painting is an amazing feeling.  What I love is that some elements of the outdoor experience always infiltrate the canvas in some way.  It may be in the brushstrokes or a bug submerged in the paint. There simply are nuances that don’t seem to happen when working a painting completely in the studio for me.

This colorful historic farm in Hopewell Township, NJ  had a charming vibrant spirit as I stood gazing.  There was a slight wind in the atmosphere and many beautiful shadows that kept changing as time went on. 

What initially drew me to this location were the old corn silos.  I’ve painted them before and love their shape and rustic presence.  Of course the actual landscape to another eye may not have been so boldly filled with color but I guess that’s where the artists interpretative spirit rolls in. 

As it turned out  I became enamored with the shapes and colors that seemed to become more abstract in nature as the painting progressed. This is quite a different journey than what might have been my way in the past.

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