“The Winding Meadow”

“The Winding Meadow” 8″ x 10″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

I love living among a lot of farmland and this time of year when they begin to cut the fields and make hay is one of my favorites. There are so many moments that I would love to capture on canvas out in these fields.

This view of a local field was yet to feel the wheels of the tractors so there was an elevation to the mass.  I loved the colors as the somewhat overcast sky lent it’s own subtle hues upon those of the earth.   The beautiful shapes seamlessly wove their way back toward the horizon with individual texture creating an interesting abstract element to the composition.

I anticipate visiting again soon as I’m sure the vista is quite different.  Maybe some bales of hay laying in field now or just the turned up soil casting a rich reddish brown to enjoy. And as the days are getting shorter the light is also changing bringing its own nuances to the landscape upon which to reflect.

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