“Historic Neighborhoods”

“Historic Neighborhoods” 12″ x 16″ Oil on panel – SOLD

There’s something about historic buildings that I love. Fortunately I live in an area where there is a lot of history around to appreciate. 

On this morning I traveled over to Pennsylvania and went to Washington Crossing.  It’s a beautiful area right along the Delaware River.  There’s a small preserved village with barns, residences and other outbuildings from the time of the Revolutionary War.  This is the spot where George Washington’s traveled  across the Delaware on Christmas and today they do a re-enactment of that journey each Christmas.  I’m a bit intrigued and may think about going to see it!

This painting brought me behind the main street that leads up to the bridge that connects Washington Crossing State Park in New Jersey with Pennsylvania.  I liked the back view of the homes and the simplicity of the architecture.  There was a rich array of shadows being cast from the mature trees on the surrounding grounds which added a lot to this vista.  It was quite peaceful and the light was spectacular. 

The painting evolved to be a bit more abstract with an emphasis on the shapes and simplicity of the landscape which I was drawn to.  I look forward to going back  again soon to paint some more and take in a little more of the rich history along the Delaware River.

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