“New Hope Reflections”

“New Hope Reflections ” 8″x 10″   SOLD

One of my favorite things is enjoying the experience of plein air painting on a beautiful summer morning.  This outing included a trip to the Delaware River.   A fellow artist friend suggested the location of the Lambertville Boat Launch, a spot I had not visited before.  I was excited.  One of the lovely things about Lambertville is it’s location along the Delaware River and the view across into New Hope, PA.  

I didn’t know entirely what to expect as I found the location.  As I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see some other friends who were also painting.   Venturing out to explore, I found the boat launch area was richly shaded and perfect for painting under when you don’t have an umbrella.  It also offered a clear view across to the architecture in the historic town of New Hope on the other side.  It took me a bit to find a spot as there were too many good choices!

The reflections in the water and light were very compelling elements to my eye and I was drawn to the cluster of buildings that included the Bucks County Playhouse.  This is the tall building with a white facade and somewhat of a landmark for down town New Hope. 

The colors really speak to the excitement I felt painting that morning.  It was a memorable experience and I hope to paint there again soon!

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